Carpenter Ants vs Termites: What Are the Differences ?

Carpenter Ants vs Termites
Carpenter Ants vs Termites

Carpenter Ants vs Termites ! What Are the Differences ?

Carpenter Ants vs Termites – Carpenter Ants vs Termites: What Are the Differences ? – Carpenter Ants vs Termites are two kinds of different bugs that exist and sometimes become problem for our house. Both of carpenter ants and also termites are different each other. However, not all people know about the difference of both the termites and the carpenter ants, since both of the animals are look similar. Are you curious about the carpenter ants and also the termites’ differences? If you are curious about it and want to know deeper about it, here we come to the discussion of the difference between termites and the carpenter ants for you.

Let’s start with the carpenter ants first. For your information, for the carpenter nest, they are nesting outside of the nest. The carpenter ants usually do the hibernation when the season is warm. Then, after the warmth ends, they will end the hibernation. After that, they will look for their food, nest, and also their mate. This session is something likes they are completing the nature of their cycle of life. Those are about the carpenter nesting and cycle of life. Well, this is the first difference about carpenter ants vs termites habit and cycle of life.

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How is about the termites? After we know that carpenter ants are gone to hibernation, termites do not do that. Termites are usually surviving for the winter in some ground or we also can say that they are living in the foundations of some walls. They are sometimes also live under the houses structure’s slabs when they face the winter. Those facts make carpenter ants vs termites are different.

Besides having differences in the way they face their life, they still have some similarities in the way they life. Both of termites and carpenter ants will swarm when the spring comes and also in the early summer. The termites’ swarms are unique, since the numbers of the swarms are very big. Probably, there are more than a hundred termites in a group or swarms.

The other facts about carpenter ants vs termites are both of the insects should be treated in different way. You have to know that some people argued if carpenter ants are easier to be controlled than the termites. So, it would be something important to know about the physical differences of both of the termites and also carpenter ants. It means that it would be harder to control the mass or the swarm of the termites.

Both of the termites and also carpenter ants are having wings in their body and the wings will disappear or in the other world they will lost the wings when they are getting ready to swarm. The physical differences about carpenter ants and also the termites come from some factors. The first is the antenna. The antennas of carpenter ants are bigger than the termites’, besides that, the antennas of termites are straight antenna, while the carpenter ants’ antennas are elbow antenna.

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The termites have equal wings but the carpenter ants have unequal wing size. Then the waists of the carpenter ants are slender waist then the termites are broad waist. That is all the information for you about carpenter ants vs termites for you.

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