What I Have to Do When Do Termites Fly?

Do Termites Fly
Do Termites Fly

What I Have to Do When Do Termites Fly?

Do Termites Fly – What I Have to Do When Do Termites Fly? – Insects must be the annoying creature for some people, especially for termites. As we know that termites have wings. In that situation, you have to be careful when do termites fly. Even termites are not too dangerous, but you have to be careful on them that damage the wooden properties in your house.

Before you take an action to get rid of termites, you have to distinguish between flying ants and termites. In some situation, flying ants and termites have some differences. To distinguish the flying ants and termites, you have to know some characteristics.

First, flying ants and termites have four wings yet flying ants’ wings have different size. When do termites fly, they fly with same size four wings while the fronts of flying ants’ wings are bigger than the back wings. Second, you can also identify the differences from the antennae. Termites’ antennae are easily to identify which is straight. If you found the flying insect with straight antennae so that you can say that there are termites.

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After you found the colony when do termites fly around your house, you have to take some treatment and prevention. For the treatment, you can take the first step of getting off the termites by using some chemical spray. However, if the chemical spray cannot get rid of them you have to call the professional. The most difficult insect to getting rid off is termites so that it must be difficult.

Then, after you successfully get rid of termites in your house, you have to take some treatment so that termites cannot come back to your house. You have to take treatment for wooden properties and the space in your house. First, you have to avoid the wooden things directly near the soil. Soil and wooden are the two things that can attracting termites. Don not forgets to make sure that the spaces near the wooden things are not wet. You can take the treatment by acid or others chemical materials. You can also do the prevention routinely by professional two times per-year.

One thing that must be noted is not getting scare easily when do termites fly. Termites are not too dangerous yet they can damage the wooden properties. Chemical spray must be prepared in your house so that when the colony of termites. If the termites still comes to your house even you had kill them off, you have to check their nest.

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To know where termites’ nest is, you can give them the bait. Use the gel bait for bait them, then you will know where they come from. The other sign to know where the termites are is you can find the wooden dust. If you found the wooden dust, so there are termites inside of the wooden things. While do termites fly, you can identify where their nest is. Usually, when you start to bait them you will know where they fly and stop. From that moment, you can take some treatment to get rid of them.

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