Eliminate Flying Ant Infestation with These 4 Ways

Flying Ant Infestation
Flying Ant Infestation

Eliminate Flying Ant Infestation with These 4 Ways

Flying Ant Infestation – Eliminate Flying Ant Infestation with These 4 Ways – Another kind of insects that can be bothersome is flying ant. While few ones are okay, the infestation can lead to trouble. To eliminate flying ant infestation, there are some ways for people to do it on their own. Check the list below.

  1. Make an ant trap made of tape. To make this trap, you need sticky tape. The rest of the procedure is easy. Put tape around the food containment. This is to make the flying ant get trapped in the tape once they come near the food. This is more effective to eliminate flying ant infestation when they finished mating season as their wings begin to shred and they will rely on walking.
  2. Use flying ant aerosol. The simplest and efficient way is to use commercial aerosol sold in store and pest control shop. Choose one that is reliable and trusted enough by asking the shopkeeper or doing little research on internet. Pay attention to any strong or dangerous substance in it and whether it is safe to be used indoors or not. Use the aerosol only to eliminate flying ant infestation and not other kind of animals.
  3. If the infestation is overwhelming and those ways above are not really effective, it is time to be more progressive in dealing with this infestation. First, track down the nest of the flying ants. After finding the nest, you can spread the poison or pour out hot water to the nest. Even when the ants are flying, it still belong to the ordinary kind or ant and they are just the sexually active ones. By eliminate flying ant infestation right to the nest, their colonies are destroyed. Make sure you cover your legs, hands, and ears for anticipation if the number of ants in the colonies is too many and in the process of destroying the nest, they spread around and go to your body.
  4. If you want a safer and natural insecticide aerosol, you can make it yourself with simple ingredients. First, you need peppermint essential oil and liquid soap. Mix two parts of water with one part of liquid soap. After that, add few drops of peppermint oil. Put in the spray bottle and shake them off. Now, spray it to the flying ants. This aerosol is simple to make and as it only made from domestic stuff, this one is more environmentally friendly to eliminate flying ant infestation compared to the commercial one.

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Those are several ways to eliminate all of the ants around your home. I think it is great if you take care all of the problems by yourself so you can do it safely. The usage of harmful substance can give pollution around your house and harm your health. It is not surprising that you should careful in eliminate the flying ant with safe chemical substance. That way, you can get rid all of them properly without risking your health. But if you want to hire expert to eliminate flying ant infestation then you can choose the trusted company

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