Is there the Colony of Flying Ants or Termites in Your Home?

Flying Ants or Termites
Flying Ants or Termites

Is there the Colony of Flying Ants or Termites in Your Home ?

Flying Ants or Termites – Is there the Colony of Flying Ants or Termites in Your Home ? – Is here some colony of flying ants in your home? Are you really sure there are flying ants? You have to make sure are they flying ants or termites, because they are closely similar. To get rd those colonies you have to know what kind of them, because there are some differences treatment for getting rid flying ants and termites. In that condition, you have to know about the differences between flying ants and termites.

There are some differences between them which are from the appearance. First, you can identify the wings. Both of them have four wings yet termites have the same size wings while flying ants have two couple different size. Usually, the front wings of flying ants are bigger than the back wings. From the wings usually you can found them on their swarm in your house, so you it can be like the easiest way to determine is there colony of flying ants or termites.

Besides, you can also identify which are the flying ants and termites from the antennae. Flying ants have elbowed antennae and termites have straight antennae. Then after, identifying the flying ants and termites now you can know which way to get rid of them. For the treatment, there are some differences of getting rid flying ants or termites.

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If the colony that you found in your home is flying ants, so you have to do some ways to get rid of them. First, you have sweeping around your home to find where group of flying ants gather. From this step, you can straightly getting rid of them by the chemical aerosol spray. Then, you can also take some additional materials such as sugar traps, boric acid and baking acid which combined with the boiling water.

Second, you have to find where the nest is. It is the important step to get rid of flying ants so that they will not be coming back to your home again. For finding their nest, you can start to bait them up by using gel bait. Then, you can kill them off until the entire colony.

In the other hand, there are some difference ways to get rid of termites in your home. Even both of flying ants or termites looks similar, but they have different case. There is some difficulty to get rid of termites, because there are also some kinds of termites that have different treatment. For the first, you can get rid of termites by using the liquid pesticide. After that, you have to take some treatment for the wooden thing in your home to avoid the damage by termites.

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However, if the termites are difficult to get rid of, you have to call the professional to get rid of them. For the prevention, you have to continually take some treatment for the wooden properties and avoid to put the wooden things directly to the lot because it will invite the termites come again. Actually, both of flying ants or termites has some treatment after you successfully getting rid them off from your house, because there is a possibility to them to come back to your home.

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