Reduce the Presence of Flying Termites Before Becomes a Big Problem in Your House

Flying Termites
Flying Termites

Flying Termites – Reduce the Presence of Flying Termites Before Becomes a Big Problem in Your House – Presence of flying termites in the house must be a worry for some people. Actually, flying termites has close appearance to winged ants. What make the different are the waist, wings, and antennae. Flying termites have more straight-sided waist than constricted waits of winged ants. Flying termites have four equal sizes of wings and straight antennae. It can be visible when the flying termites’ colony swarms. So, if you find swarms around or even inside of your home you have more careful. There will be two signs which are potentially dangerous for the presence of swarms. First must be you have already an existing termite problem or the second, your lovely house has potential to get termite infestation.

The actual swarms must not be dangerous at the first, but it might be a problem in two or more years because they can be causing the significant damage to your house. This situation might be a cause of the presence of flying termites which mean can be a start of termites’ colony come to appear in your home. You must find some difficulty to detect the sign of their presence in your home. However, the presence of swarms can be solved. If you find swarms outside of your house, you must not be worry and do not take too much concern on it, yet if you find it in your house it must be a big problem for you. You have to take a big concern on it because the presence of swarms must be a presence of termites.

You have to take care on when termites fly, so if you find swarm before the period that flying termite’s fly you can take it away easily. The season that must be the best time for presence of flying termites is spring, summer and the periods of humidity. So, why you have take care on flying termites and swarms? Swarms must be the first step for flying termites to make their new colony. So, you have to avoid the situation like in spring and summer to let the flying termites find swarms for fertilization. Once flying termites found swarms, they will find other flying termites to get the new colony. It must be a problem if your find flying termites in your home first.

So, to make it will not be happening in your home you can get the way of reducing the risk of the presence of flying termites. However, it might be difficult if flying termites has been existed in your house so you have to concern on the presence of swarms by doing some controls. First, you can build up moisture in wood which results from damaged timber or timber with ground contact on your wooden properties can potentially attract termites. Then, you have to keep mulch away from the foundation of your house and regularly check the outside and subfloor areas of your house is there any mud or damaged wood or not. Don’t forget to take good housekeeping to make your house will be not attracted by termites.

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