Do You Know How the Termite Life Cycle is ?

Termite Life Cycle
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Do You Know How the Termite Life Cycle is?

Termite Life Cycle – Do You Know How the Termite Life Cycle is? – Have you know about termites? Termite is one of the insects that usually like to live in the wooden things near the soil which also will damage the wooden things. This article will not to explain on how termites damage your properties, but let’s just know on how termite life cycle is.

So, let’s begin about how termites develop to be have a group of termites that can be working together to get the supplies. First, termites are formed with a mating flight which is the swarming winged will produce the males and females termites. After that, it will get fertilization which makes the male and female termites become king or queen of their new colony. It can be called that the queen and the king of termites are in the center of termite life cycle that take responsibility to the fertilization.

Then, after getting fertilized, the queen has to lay her eggs which hatch to be pale white larvae. From these larvae, it will develop to be some kinds of termites. In the group of termites there will be workers, soldiers and reproductive termites which also known as termite colony castes. How to distinguish the termite colony castes?

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There is one way to distinguish all of them which is from physical appearance. First, if the termites have yellow-brown color and the enlarged heads so it can be soldiers’ termites. Second, for the workers have responsibility to construct the tunnels and chamber. The last, if the color of termite is darker with two pairs of wings so it means that it is the reproductive termites or alates.

However, it is something still be questioning on how termites can be divided into three classes in the same larvae. Some research found that it will be depend on the colony experience itself. It can be the soldier or reproductive termite become soldier depends on their colony experience. In the termite life cycle said that the workers and soldiers live for one to two years. In the other hand, the queen has the most living age over the decade depends on the circumstances condition.

There is a chance for the new queen to find its own colony. However, its mother has to let the new queen to eat her up to get the new colony. In the reproductive system, the queen will be reproducing until 22 eggs for the first year then develop to per year. Even it seems much, but it needs many years in termite life cycle for making a large colony that usually live in your wooden properties.

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So, have you understand on how termites reproduce their colony to be the large one who attacks your properties? It can be simplified that termite life cycle will be start from the king that fertilized the queen then become larvae. From the larvae it will transform to be a group of colony that can be contained of soldiers, workers and reproductive termite. If the young termite want to make the new colony, so the colony that she come from have to be separated.

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