What Do Carpenter Ants Eat Actually ?

What do Carpenter Ants Eat
What do Carpenter Ants Eat

What Do Carpenter Ants Eat Actually

What Do Carpenter Ants Eat Actually Have you heard about carpenter ants? Yes, these little animals are usually found easily in the house and its surrounding. Here, what is carpenter ant actually? How are the characteristics of them? What do carpenter ants eat? All of those things mentioned before actually become the important thing you must know about carpenter ants. Thus, for you who want to get more information about it, you just check it out as in the paragraphs below.

To begin with, carpenter ants will be in the all colony of the ants. In this case, in a colony, it will consist of a wingless queen and the male and female carpenter ants. In this colony, the carpenter ants will work for the colony like building the nest and many more. Otherwise, in another words, it can say that the carpenter ants are the workers ants. Indeed, the existence of carpenter ants here will be very important for a colony since they will help the colony to have a good nest.

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Moreover, for the physical characteristic of those carpenter ants, it will be here. If the queen of the colony has no wings, it will be different if you look carpenter ants. The carpenter ants have wings and at glance it is like winged termites. That is why sometimes, when these ants fly out from their nest, they are considered as the termites.

What makes them different from the winged termites, firstly is their physical appearance. You can find that the carpenter ants have a pinched body while the termites have straight one. For the wings and the antennae of them are different as well. For the color of the carpenter ants also different with termites in which it has various colors depending on the species of them. That is why you need to know those characteristics so that when you found carpenter ants, you can identify them. It is very important for you in order that you can do the best treatment to solve the problem of carpenter ants in your house.

For the second one, you will find the difference in the food of the carpenter ants. What do carpenter ants eat actually? Here, they will eat plants and little insect. It will be different with termites that eat wood. Even though the carpenter ants live on the wood, they just make a gallery to settle not to eat. Actually, it is something which somehow is difficult to be understood. It is caused by both carpenter ant and termite live inside the wood, and in the house they live in the wooden furniture or another wooden part of the house.

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In summary, after you know about the carpenter ants, in this case about the characteristics of them and what do carpenter ants eat, you have enlarged your knowledge about it. By knowing all of those information above, you can do the prevention act when you find carpenter ants in your house. Since it is different with termites, so the treatment also should be different.

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