What Do Termites Eat? What Attracts Termites Beside Woods?

What do termites eat
What do termites eat

What Do Termites Eat?

What Do Termites Eat – What Do Termites Eat? What Attracts Termites Beside Woods? – Do you know about termites? Yeah, it is the little animal that usually live in a colony and then they also called also the silent destroyers. Why they are called as silent destroyer? It is caused by the activity of them which cannot be detected well sometimes. In this case, they can eat your furniture easily without you notice that there are termites there. Usually, you know it after your wooden furniture has been broken. Actually, what do termites eat?

It is one of the common questions to be asked by people. Are your curious as well about this matter? You want to know what is the food of termites, don’t you? For you who want to know more about this thing, you can know it by reading on the explanation as follow.

To begin with, what you need to know about the food of the termites is that termites have different food for each species. In this case, each species has its own favorite food to be eaten. However, in general, termites are the animals which will eat almost all of the things in your house. Here, not only the wooden part of your house only which will be eaten. However, if in your cupboard where the termites live for instance there are books, your books can be one of delicious food for them.

Then, what do termites eat? As having been known that termites have various kinds of food. In this case, it depends on the species of the termites. If you want to know more about this matter, below is the explanation for you.

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For the first type of termites that is subterranean termites, this kind of termites will eat the soft fibers in springwood. This species of termites will only eat the soft part of the wood and leave the hard part behind.

However, you will find the different thing in drywood termites. As the name, these termites will find out the drywood for their food. Usually, the common part of the house such as ceiling, floors, and furniture made of wood become the delicious food for them.

Furthermore, the dampwood termites usually will eat the dead tree or logs. This kind of termites will be rarely to be found in building since they prefer to eat the dead tree. That is why this kind of termite is commonly found in the forest or the place where there are many dead tree or logs there.

Thus, what do termites eat? From the explanation above, indeed, you can conclude that there will be various kinds of the food that can be eaten by the termites actually. This matter is caused by termites also have many kinds of species too.

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By having known about what do termites eat like this, actually it can help us when we find the colony of termites in the house. Besides, before termites come and destroy the house, knowing what the favorite food of termites will help us to get the best treatment to prevent the termites.

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