Some Signs to Know What Does Termite Damage Look Like

What does termite damage look like
What does termite damage look like

What Does Termite Damage Look Like

What Does Termite Damage Look Like – Some Signs to Know What Does Termite Damage Look Like – As a house or business owner, you should be aware of the risk of termite damage to your property. Termite damage can cost thousands dollars and is not covered by home insurance. Each year, termite cause damages especially in subtropical and warm areas. You should check your house thoroughly to detect termite damage.

What does termite damage look like? If you are not a pest control professional, it can be difficult to detect termite damage, but there are some sign to detect termite damage in your house. The first sign is the presence of termite Swarmers. This is small a flying insect often near light sources to create new colonies. If you see termite Swarmers it means that a nest may be near. Swarming is most occurs in spring time. It will leaves discarded wings that can be found near windows or doors.

If you found mud tubes in your house, that’s also a sign of termite damage. The termites need certain temperature to survive and it creates tubes to block cool and dry air. You should look for mud tubes in walls or furniture. The tube indicates that the termites are active.

What does termite damage look like? Well, if you look carefully, you may find this tube that running from the soil to the wood. Subterranean termites eat soft wood and eat along the grain. When they eats the natural sources of wood, they will moves to the structure. This makes a honeycomb patterns in the wood, swollen floors, and ceiling.

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Listen for clues too! Tap the woods and listen if it sounds hollow, it must be a damage cause by boring insects. Termites eat underneath the surface of wood. As they eat the wood, they create hollow in the surface. This is making the structure weaker and sounds hollow if you tap or knock the woods. You should walk around the wooden floors and check the walls while tapping them to identify the hollow sound or termite infestation and find out what does termite damage look like.

The kitchen cabinets (kitchen sets) are often attacked by termites, as well as cabinets or wooden furniture that attached to the wall are easily attacked by termites. It used as a storage (documents or collections) and this is also where termites breed and raise their baby. The cabinets are rarely opened and only opened at any time required. Therefore, termite damage in the closet often discovered when the damage is already in high level of damage and has already resulted in significant damage to books or collections stored. So, if you don’t want your cabinets, kitchen set or all of your storage damaged by termites, then you should find them as fast as possible.

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In short, there are many signs of termite damage, if you found those signs of damage it means that your house or furniture already attacked by termites and they should be closely monitored to avoid losses. At least now you know what does termite damage look like and how to kill them all.

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