In Where Do Termites Live? Place Common with Termites

Where do Termites Live
Where do Termites Live

Where Do Termites Live ?

Where Do Termites Live – In Where Do Termites Live? Place Common with Termites – Termite can be very troublesome for your home. It can damage the structure of your house, it is not pleasant as well. Sometimes the damage is visible but the termite itself is known. In where do termites live is probably the first thing that comes up in my mind since you want to get rid of it first. Termites do have different kind of each own. Some of them are visible in the eyes but some of them aren’t.

There are three common types of termites and each of them leave in different substructure of the house. The first kind of termites is dampwood or if in Latin, it is called Zootermopsis. Dampwood termites low to chew on humid and soft part of woods. Therefore In where do termites live are not far from structure that is vulnerable to water. And old house with so many structures that have been once in contact with water. Wet rotting piece of woods are vulnerable for this kind of termites. However this termites prefer to eat outside of the structure thus it is visible enough when you want to get rid of it completely.

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The second type of termites is the drywood termites. As opposite with dampwood termites, drywood termites like to chew on dry substructure of the house. Another name for this termite is cryptotermes. Expert said this kind of termites is the most destructive one. Unlike dampwood termites who prefer to eat outside and doesn’t create tunnel inside substructure, drywood termites tend to spread around and tend to expand to another part of the house in where do termites live. They can forever stay inside the wood and that is why it is difficult to get them out and locate them in order to get ris of them. You need ro be careful when you see swarming termites for it is the drywood termites in colony. Part of the house mostly is favourite place for drywood termites is in the attic.

The third type of termites is subterranean termites. Subterranean termites is the most aggressive kind of termites. They spread their colonies in the wood and quick ot consume the material. Unlike the other types of wood that only eat dead wood, subterranean termites eat both dead and living things. Subterranean termites are especially damaging for trees In where do termites live. The most well-known aggressive subterranean termites is Formosan, while the other types is not as active as this one. Subterranean termites can be found in any countries with any season, but they usually thrive for warmer season rather than the cold or normal season.

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Seeing where the termites are living and how their activities are, it can determine the way you can take in order to get rid of them completely. Dampwood termites are easier to identify, swarming drywood termites are easier to locate while the subterranean termites are the most destructive one especially the Formosan type. By knowing in  where do termites live, the appropriate choice of termites elimination is possible.

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