6 Wood Boring Insects Which Damage Your Furniture

Wood Boring Insects
Wood Boring Insects

6 Wood Boring Insects Which Damage Your Furniture

Wood Boring Insects – 6 Wood Boring Insects Which Damage Your Furniture – Wood as the component of building is often damaged and decayed by some factors. The factors which caused damaged and decayed of the wood are insects, fungi and extreme weather such as too hot and too humid. Indonesia as a tropical country is a home for many insect. Insects is an animal from Animalia kingdom.Most of the insects are wood boring insects. Those insects live in wood to lay an egg or as a shelter for breed. If the insects lives in your house, it can cause damage to your wood furniture. These are 8 wood boring insects that you should be aware with if you find it in your house.

1. Common furniture beetle
Common furniture beetle (latin name: Anobiumpunctatum) is the most widespread insect in Indonesia. The female lays the eggs in the holes of the wood. This insect bores the wood widely and it also feeds upon it. Common furniture beetle will creating rounded tunnels and eating the starchy part of the wood grain. After that, it will fly to find another wood.

2. Death watch beetle
Death watch beetle or Xestobiumrufovillosum is an insect which create a ticking sound to attract mates. The sound of the insect was once thought as a sign of countdown to the death time if we heard at night. The larva is very soft but it can bores wood. The damage from this insect is create wide tunnel in the wood. This insect will fly to find rotting wood.

3. Ambrosia beetle
With the latin name Platypus spp, this beetle live in the forest and excavate tunnels in dead trees. Female beetles are boring the wood making many small holes. Numerous numbers of attack possibly resulted in the death of the trees. It can cause large damage in timber construction if left unchecked.

4 .Fan-bearing wood-borer
Fan-bearing wood-borer (latin name: Ptilinuspectinicornis) is a boring beetle which not as common as other boring beetles. It created rounded tunnels filled with a dust that similar to flour and it also bores timber. Luckily, this wood boring insects is rarely found in house or other wood furnitures. It is a good news considering the high level of damage it can cause.

5. Powder post beetle
Powder post beetle (latin name: Lyctusbrunneus) is a wood boring insects which considered as pests and it attack deciduous trees. This beetle bores the wood to a powdery dust, creates a rounded-conjoining tunnels. Powder post beetle able to creates a high level of damage. The target of this insect are furniture, books, wooden tools and bamboo.

6. Wood boring weevil
Wood boring weevil (latin name: Pentarthrumhuttoni) is a beetle that attacks living wood. It creates rough oval tunnels and often break the surface. The damage caused by both larvae and adults. Wood boring weevil also attacks decayed wood. They can cause high level of damage to both wood building and furniture.

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That’s all 6 wood boring insects which can cause damage to wood construction or furniture. If you find these beetles whether in your house or anywhere, you should get rid of it before it damage the wood.

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